Installation of phpBB Social Network is very quick and simple. It takes only few minutes if you will follow these instructions:

Install phpBB 3.1
phpBB Social Network is based on phpBB. Therefore you need to download phpBB 3.0.x and install it on your website. If you have already installed phpBB, then just skip this point.

Download phpBB Social Network
You can download the latest stable release of phpBB Social Network here.

Upload files to your website
In the downloaded package, you will find the folder ./root . You need to copy all files from this folder to your phpBB installation. If you don’t use the default prosilver style, you have to copy all files from ./root/styles/prosilver to your style as well.

Follow instructions in xml file
Using your web browser, open the install_mod.xml file from phpBB Social Network package. There are all file changes which need to be made. The easiest way how to do this is to use PsPad editor.

Update database
Using your web browser, run the script located on your website . It will make all the database changes for phpBB Social Network.

Clear the cache
After all these edits, you need to clear your cache via ACP. Then refresh your template, skin and imageset via Administration Control Panel – Styles.

Set up the user permissions
phpBB Social Network has added some new user permissions to your website. You need to set them up via ACP so that the users can use all the phpBB Social Network features.

Congratulations, your phpBB Social Network installation is now completed!